Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{Personal Post} Photos: Live and Direct with the Made in America Festival 2013

This past Labor day weekend, I went to the Made In America Festival again in Philly. Amaze balls as usual. I haven’t made a post about an event featuring pics in a LONG time, but there was no way I could not make this one. I took pics of EVERYTHING again and made quite a few videos of me jamming etc. (i.e. beyonce… schoolboy q… Kendrick…Taylor gang) I won’t post the videos {insert eye cover emoji}, but I noticed some of the pics I can’t post because I didn’t realize until after the fact that I was wayyy too live from dancing and they came out crazy. The ones that look sensible.. I will post. Again, due to preserving battery life or being pre-occupied with eating amongst other things, I didn’t get pics of all the artists. Nevertheless, I have to share my moments with you all  …


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