Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nerves...Can Hinder

What does this picture say to you??? {Open to great interpretation..all thoughts welcome} Looking at this seems as if I am staring in a mirror. I have found myself to be in this same position day after day.. sometimes more than once. I see stress...hurt... discourage...affliction etc. People go through this everyday... only yet a few of the DESERVING ones... have someone there who understands and shows Empathy (not sympathy...big difference). On the contrary..the most SELFISH ppl I know.. they have all of that.. ppl who GENUINELY SHOW them that they care about them...and they treat those SAME ppl like trash. MANY ppl time and time again say they care...but when the world falls... they're NEVER around to catch you. What is care? Another 4 letter word like love... shit.. fuck...bull...hate These words are ALL the same until you give them ACTION....MEANING.

I try to show the ones that are important to me... that they indeed DO matter . I try to be there as much as I can for them through the bad AND good... empathizing...relating...laughing... or sometimes just plain old LISTENING. Who do you call on when you want someone to listen? {I wont get religious in this blog with that question..i'll save that for a later time}. Unfortunately, by being there for ppl (esp. ones that you Love) in MY shoes... I have found that when i am in NEED...there's no one to be found. The act of being a FRIEND and showing LOVE is never found. Yes it hurts..there is a void I will admit...

When ppl's nerves are bad...whether it be a strained relationship (family or significant other), a job, or just life period... It can affect their personality as well as their demeanor as a person, which usually is extremely Negative with the effect hindering them from all the Beautiful things they could be enjoying in life. In this world today...ppl have a certain amount of power over other ppl. You never know how much you can be DESTROYING someone internally...

So why not let people Be Encouraged....DO NOT TELL someone that you love them... you care for them.. or that you're there for them.. but SHOW IT!!! You never know what little things you do that can bring a smile to someone's face or inspire them. Someone may smile on the outside..but actually be hurting on the inside.. . You never know..... (to be contd.)
Do you ever feel this way??
I do.....

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