Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Queen & The Mistress

Why can't we all just get along??? This whole Lil Kim Nicki Minaj"Beef" is really starting to be way too much #excessive. It's clear like the rest of us (mid 80s kids same/close in age w/ Nic') that she looked up to Lil Kim as a bad bish and as a rapper. Nicki's doing exactly what Kim did (style wise) and it's working for her tremendously {as well as her raps} Why is Kim bitter about it?? I've never heard Nicki disrespect Kim in ANY type of way (if someone has please send it to me). It's clear Nicki Minaj is relevant right now and you're not anymore. With failed singles and comebacks I could understand slightly why a stream of jealousy would flow but Kim is completely losing it. Instead of hatin and tryna start a fight with the chick, she should think like a bad bish and say "hey i can milk this thing"...Do a track with her (Nicki).. and BAM!!!.. that would be the hottest thing since fish grease. Both of them would be getting money AND create a great opportunity to get Kim back on & in the spotlight again. Trying to argue about this whole "paying hommage" shit is getting Kim nowhere. Kim's bitchin meanwhile Nicki's getting more exposure and more money. You'd never hear Hov BLATANTLY go out in public and be like "I'm upset because such and such isn't paying hommage to me". He knows he's the king and knows he set the blueprint (no pun intended) for the other rappers. I.e Drake. Why hate on the brother cause he's great and has a similar style? Nope. Instead... Hov took him under the wing for a sec and threw him on "Off that" (BP3) and Drizzy returned the favor on "Light Up"(Thank Me Later). Makin MONEY. I'm a fan of Kim despite all the TERRIBLE plastic surgery> but she really disappointed me with this foolery. It's just like Beans throwin shots at Hov right now...POINTLESS. Hov's relevant still now and Beans isn't= BITTER. What better way of showin you the QUEEN by makin money off of your "mistress". PLENTY money and great music could be made. Kim should really re-think this and her approach. P.s... I'm still waiting for that track.........

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