Saturday, January 28, 2017

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: The Bucketfeet x No Kings Collective Sneaker Launch + Dreams of Triumph event

I must admit, my personal posts have gone M.I.A. due to Snapchat.  *sigh.  It's easier and less time consuming plus it's posted right then and there.  I'm working on getting these back up and running though.  I have a lot of photos/videos to share (plus it would make great space on my phone).. so here's a start.  

Back in December of last year, the collab event with Bucketfeet and #NoKingsDC was held at Atlantic Plumbing rooftop.  The architecture of that building is so unique.  I headed out on that brisk night to hopefully cop a pair and enjoy myself.  Take a glimpse into the event...

Btw... the videos appear blank BUT if you press play, the footage pops up.

1011 to be exact.

In addition (in December), I went to support the holmes again for his Dreams of Triumph event at the Blind Whino.  I didn't get as many photos of things as I did at the first time I posted his event, and I wish I did so I can show you all that unforgettable curry chicken dish, but here are a few randoms 

There was a Wu-Tang exhibit there that I missed.  LUCKILY for me... they still had a few of the pieces still up 

You would have to know to understand.  #Insider

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