Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Side-Commentary:  Heidi Klum's shits on em EVERY year.  I swear she ALWAYS has best costume in my book.  She never goes for the norm...and if she does...she goes the extra mile to make it different.  Kudos to Heidi. 

Oddly enough... Halloween is my favorite holiday :-)  I love costume parties.. haunted houses...scary movies..chocoooolllaaattteee... all that good stuff. SNOWED o_o here this year.. so my plans for Saturday were slaughtered.  And as for today..well it's MONDAY.. and hey..I have an occupation. no excitement for me.  However... it'll be fun handing out Candy to the kiddies.  They joy on their faces and their costumes always makes me smile.  Hope everyone has a safe/fun Halloween.   

In Lieu of the Holiday... Let's gooooooooo #JamSession


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