Wednesday, May 31, 2023

{Trailer} Yo-Yo Shows off her Skills with New Cooking Show, "Downright Delicious"

Actress.  Musician.  Yolanda Whitaker, better known as OG Rapper "Yo-Yo", shares another of her talents with the world.  In "Downright Delicious", we get an intimate look of Yo-Yo whipping up some of her favorite recipes and dishes in the kitchen, in which she deems as her 'happy place'.

I'm not a fancy chef... I'm Yo-Yo from around the way who can really throw down in the kitchen.  No big fancy chef stuff!  But I promise you everything I make is downright delicious and you will always have a good time.  

The series debuted the first special look episode back in March.  The complete series begins to air, June 6, 2023 @8PM EST, on ASPIRE Tv network during their Black Music Month celebration.  From Salmon x Broccolini Lobster Pasta to Brioche Lobster Rolls, take a look at the trailer for this fun and yummy series after the jump!  


In case you missed it, to watch the first episode in full... click HERE

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