Monday, January 31, 2011

Motivation Mondays...

Ladies.... Gents....

I'm back :-) I was on travel again for work so i couldn't post AT ALL last week as mentioned #bummer . I always feel like when i get back... i'm catching up with the world and the latest happenings. Any who.. i hope to have pictures of those places soon.

It's the beginning of the week and not only that... one more day until Black History Month... #RaisesFist

Someone said something to me this weekend that has been stuck in my mind... "what you in such a rush for babe!? ". (Of course there's a lot more to that story but.....) They're right.... what am I in such a rush for?? I have to remind myself... carpe diem.

Ever since I've heard this song (sometime last year)... I've repeatedly played it over and over again... not to mention it knocks ridiculously in my car. One of me and moms favorite songs.

Motivation for the week.... No need to rush! Take your time and make sure everything is in order... or at least attempt for it to be. FOCUS ON THE PRIZE!!! Whatever you're aspiring for... it'll come. Take it all in stride. The Lord got you... just hang in there... He just wants you to slow down for just oneee second so he can take over the wheel. Sometimes you just gotta slow down and listen. no pun intended to raven
Keep your head up this week people :-)

Some people say walkin takes too long....
But i say when you walkin you can't go wrong....

Think about it..

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