Monday, December 23, 2013

Time Warp...2000 : Who Run It | Three Six Mafia

Circa 2000.
It's funny.. this was our theme song for my graduating class of 2005. During 'spirit' week, we were really walking down the hallway deep as all hell in our class color (Orange).. I'm yellin 'Who run it!?' and they yellin back ' '05 !!' like we about to take over LMFAO. I am literally cracking up at the memory. Asses should have been in class, but hey it was spirit week and we had something to prove. LOL smh. My school was hood anyway...def couldve made a movie about it.
On a more serious note, Lord Infamous (who is also DJ Paul's half brother) passed away this weekend due to a heart attack. They found him in his mother's home dead :(. This time warp is dedicated to him. Condolences. #RIP

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