Monday, December 9, 2013

(Personal Post) Theraflu...

"Can't a young nxgga get money anymore..."

Heyyyy everyone. Happy Monday. I hope everyone is staying safe in this nasty weather. I never step away from posting for a certain period of time without letting you all know what's going on. Unfortunately, I had the flu.. which threw a curve in any and everything I had planned :-/. Currently, I am still under the weather.. but doing better enough to get back to work and also get back to blogging :-) I missed both. Shout out to those I've talked to that checked on me along with those who visited me from then until now while I was on bed rest...risking all sense of catching the cooties lls. You are appreciated. Just wanted to publically say thank you to those folks and let everyone know I'm back. Now let me catch up on some posts... :-)


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