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The Votes are In: Top 5 Albums of 2013?

2013 is almost over!  Apart of the annual tradition, a few submitted their opinions on the top  albums of the year.  Some submitted their album lists, as well as the top songs and mixtapes.  The responses get more and more interesting each year.  I love it.  Check out the Top 5 Albums of the 2013 year  after the jump! : 


Top 5 albums of 2013
Indicud- Kid Cudi 
“What is hip hop without him, y’all niggas really just don’t know” Kid Cudi’s fourth studio album Indicud is one of the best albums of the year because of the level of sounds it brings to the table in the music world. With every track produce by Cudi shows that he found a new sound that helps him keep growing as an artist. With songs like “Cold Blooded”,” Red Eye”, and “Immortal” gives the listener the idea of the growth in his song writing abilities. The melodies on this album are nothing short of great. With guess appearance from Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, King Chip, RZA and even Michael Bolton pushes to take this album to new levels of music/sound. If you never listen to a Cudi album before and you listen to Indicud you will become a fan faster than you would think. 

Acid Rap- Chance the Rapper
IGH! Acid Rap is by far one of the best albums coming from an up and coming artist. With lines like “I'm dancing with the Devil with two left feet and I'm pigeon toed, but it's love like Cupid kissing mistletoe” shows how Chance can spilt bar for days. This album gives you a better understanding of Chance lifestyle and what goes on in his hometown Chicago. This album is better than his prior album “#10day” which show within him as an artist. This rapper seems to paint pictures with every word in every song from “Pusha Man”, “Cocoa Butter Kisses”, and “Everybody's Something”. With guess appearances by AB-Soul, Vic Mensa, Twista and Childish Gambino just to name a few. Acid is great from the start to finish because of the sound which sounds like something I never heard before. IGH! IGH! IGH!

3. Nothing Was the Same- Drake
4.  Born Sinner- J. Cole
5.  Because the Internet - Childish Gambino

Top 5 albums (mixtapes included.  no particular order) of 2013
  •  Childish Gambino - Because The Internet
  • Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap
Mac Miller - Delusional Thomas 

  • Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes - The Abstract & The Dragon
*Honorable Mention:  Born Sinner- J.Cole

Top 5 Albums of 2013

1. "My Name is My Name" - Pusha T
 Pusha kept it grimy and focused on nothing but rhymes and that drug lingo. The best rap album of 2013
2. "Wolf" - Tyler The Creator 
Tyler knocks it out of the park again. New concept records and even more creativity
 "Doris" - Earl Sweatshirt
I knew Earl wouldn't let me down. This album needs repeated spins to fully understand it all
4. "Because The Internet" - Childish Gambino
 Unexpected, but well worth the surprise awesomeness. The ultimate concept album of 2013
5. "Long.Live.A$AP" - A$AP Rocky
Rocky talks that young, fly and flashy shit over some great production. This was the first album I bumped when 2013 began
Top 5 Mixtapes of 2013

"Life Changes" - Casey Veggies 
Casey's full potential is fully realized here. Album worthy material is floatin around on this tape
"Better Off Dead" - Flatbush Zombies 
"The Beast Coast" is still alive thanks to cats like dem Flatbush Zombies. I love the ratchet rap and political commentary on this one
3. "The Soul Tape 3" - Fabolous
Late comer for the year, but still a great project nonetheless. I can live with Fab just doin mixtapes from now on if he gives us joints like this
4. "She Got Game" - Rapsody 
The best female MC out right now makes a case for being better than your favorite male rapper. 9th Wonder knows how to pick em
5. "Acid Rap" - Chance The Rapper 
I had to get used to dude's voice cause it made me cringe at first. But now, I totally appreciate Chance's sick rhymes and hilarious ad-lib

 Top 5 Songs of 2013

1. "Numbers on the Board" - Pusha T 
When that Jay sample comes in, Pusha utters my favorite quotable of the year
 Wow...just wow. This is the song that all crack dealers need to listen to. Bet you'd they quit the BS

3. "Celebrating Life" - Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies
I promise you - you WILL be playing this at your New Year's Eve party. Bottles will be popped and the chorus will be sung a million times
4. "Take My Life" - Casey Veggies
Heavy, mellow production + Casey's introspective lyrics = the perfect mixtape closer
5. "Ronnie Drake" - Isaiah Rashad feat. SZA

 TDE stay winning! Their newest recruits put together an insanely addictive joint for 2013. "So don't call me a nigga/Unless you call me my nigga/I'm a king"
IG : the_bearded_gent 

Top 5 Albums (Mixtapes Included) of 2013

1. Pusha T - My Name Is My Name
I may be a little bias because im a Va resident.  I have been rocking with the Clipese back in their "Grinding" days. The production was out of this world and there was no real commercial records. 

2/3 J. Cole - Born Sinner , Jay- Z - MCHG (toss up)
J.Cole dope lyrics and song concepts. MCHG was dope but to me not Jays best body off work, but he still got busy. 

Nipsey Hussle - Crenshaw (Mixtape)
To me one of the over looked artist out of the  West. Dude is a great rapper but a great business minded person. He sold this mixtape for $100. Guess who bought 100....Jay-Z.

 Fabolous - Soul Tape 3(Mixtape)  
Its Mr F a b o l o u s what more needs to be said. 

Top 5 Songs of 2013


3.Ace Hood -Bugatti
4.Beyoncé -Drunk in Love ( even the thugs like Yoncé)
5.K Michelle -VSOP
Junie La

 IG:  TooSoonJunes

Top 5 albums of 2013
J. Cole - Born Sinner
SO much growth and honesty on this project, I don't know where to begin. People still want to compare this to his last album, which he admitted he wasn't completely happy with but Born Sinner was a great, imo. Sounded like more of mixtape, The Warm Up Cole instead of Sideline Story, which is who we all came to know. 

Danny Brown - Old
It took a while, but Danny Brown came THROUGH on Old. After fighting with Fools Gold to get it released, and when it did, I still think it got overlooked. He had the same flow on some of his tracks as we know, but then he had some different tracks where he use different flows, but it didn't diminish the project. 

Mac Miller - Watching Movies Movies With The Sound Off
Mac quietly dropped this project in the midst of the "date drop war", and Wale dropped his a week later. Quiet as kept, Mac has an amazing album. Growth shown as well, but the single "Watching Movies" was/is DOPE. I still bump it. "Youforia" is a great track, but considering his sophomore album was sort of pushed to the side, it's still one of the more solid efforts of this year. 

Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels
"Hardco' G shit, homie, I don't play around" - Killer Mike. Nor does El P. I didn't get my hands on the project until weeks after it dropped, but Run The Jewels was GREAT. Banana Clip Theory, Run The Jewels and others were 

Jay-Z - MCHG
Nominated for how many Grammys? A lot of people were disappointed, but I liked MCHG. Of course F*ckwitmeyouknowIgotit, Picasso Baby, etc -- great songs, and this effort was a lot better than some of the projects put forth this year. 

*Childish Gambino - Because The Internet (honorable mention)
3005 is cool, WORLDSTAR is good, but its more experimental which in its own vein was much like Yeezus. Great for Donald, okay for us. Shalom.

Top 5 mixtapes of 2013   

Nipsey Hussle - Crenshaw
Being in LA now, I have a new found appreciation for the culture out west. I was a fan of Nipsey before, and the waiting room time it took for Crenshaw to get here was well worth the wait. From the production to the features, Crenshaw is everything it's supposed to be. Nipsey gets better with every new project, and his raw honesty and flow is what attracts people to him. The "Proud 2 Pay" campaign was great for Nip and the fans, and for a mixtape that was just "his throwaways" ... it was a great body of work. 

Rapsody - She Got Game 
Gotta rep for Rap, man. She did a great job with her Gangsta Grillz, but more so she literally stepped up the platform for other rappers around her. She did and continues to do her thing well into the new year. 

Casey Veggies - Life Changes
S/O to the Left Coast. 

Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights
A bit different than the Pro Era comp, Joey strikes out on his own again with a more focused sound, and he owns it. Completely. 

Big KRIT - King Remembered In Time
What's a "King Without A Crown" heaux??? KRIT delivered, and showed his growth on tracks such as REM, and straight swagnin' on "How U Luv That" with Big Sant. Solid effort, still getting play this way.

Top 5 Albums of 2013


Pusha T MNIMN & Hov MCHG -
There's no way you could battle out the two. Both are great albums. Also with them speaking on different subjects made it extremely difficult to compare the 2. With the exception of 1 track (w/Kelly Rowland) Pusha had an flawless album!! From the great intro King Push track to the last SNITCH track. Production, delivery, flow, lyrics are all remarkable!! Only downside to the album were the features on every track. For your debut album you would think to have more solo tracks to show you can hold your own weight.</div>
As far as Hov, well it's HOV!!! Great album. For him to release an album & connect with the sound of this day & age was crazy, not to mention the marketing behind it. Pure genius!! Only downfall to the album some of the tracks were fillers (I.E. La Familia, Versus) and having Beach is Better as a interlude

2. Drake Nothing Was The Same-
This album could be #1 as well. I must admit this album surprised me. I thought it would be nothing more than another singing album like Take Care but the way he blended in the singing with the rapping was perfect as well as the way he blended the the tracks together when going into the next song.

3. J.Cole Born Sinner & Wale The Gifted-
Yes another tie!!! It was difficult for them outweigh each other. 1st they're both almost the same type of rapper. Very passionate of their music, subject matter, etc. Born Sinner took a while to grow on me. The replay value wasn't as high as Wale's but after constant listens Born Sinner is a very dope album. IMO if he had replaced some of the tracks he put on the album with the bonus tracks & throw in 2 from the Truly Yours 2 EP, it definitely would have made it a classic album.
The Gifted was a huge surprise to me. He went above & beyond. His best album yet. I was expecting nothing more than a Ambition 2 album. His tracklisting was dope how each track kind of coincided with each other.

4. Kanye West Yeezus -
This album was almost number 5 for many reasons but significantly outweighed the last 2 albums. First I must say the album is different! It's not a horrible album but not what was expected. When he first dropped New Slaves I lost it! I was thinking the Ye from Late Registration is back. I was expecting a album full of soulful samples, deep lyrics, metaphors, etc but he threw a curve ball. I kinda see the album as 808's & Heartbreaks pt.2 but with better production & subject matter. I get what Ye was doing with the album, he wanted to show his diversity as well as how the genre of Rap/Hip Hop has changed but the album just kinda loses me a lil. Have dope tracks like Black Skinhead, New Slaves & then jump to tracks like I Am A God & Can't Hold My Liquor. Was a decent album but a huge disappointment at the same time IMO

5. 2 Chainz BOATS & French Montana Excuse My French -
Very surprising album by French. I expected the album to be nothing more than a mixtape album full of shitty beats & catchy hooks, but he actually put out a decent album. Already know French doesn't spit bars so I didn't expect him to. His production on the album was definitely hot as well as the features which somewhat saves the album. Downfall of the album it was basically a down south album. The production, subject matter, tracks, etc all reminded me of an album that would be released by a south artist. Him being from NY you would think he would bring that classic NY sound back but instead it sounded like he's from Miami.
Chainz dropped a decent album as well, definitely better than his 1st one. Production was on point, as well as delivery. Downfall of the album was Chainz basically dumbed his lyrics down. For most that have been fans since he was Tity Boi know he's changed drastically in the lyrics department. It's like he switched to the Cam'Ron system basically saying anything on a record & think it's hot.

Honorable Mentions

Ace Hood- Trials & Tribulations
ASAP Ferg- Trap Lord
Lil Wayne- I Am A Human Being 2
Joe Budden- No Love Lost
Juicy J- Stay Trippy


Top 5 Albums of 2013

Death Threats & Love Notes - GQ
Because The Internet - Childish Gambino
3. Yeezus - Kanye West
2. My Name Is My Name - Pusha T.
1. Born Sinner - J. Cole



Top Rap Albums

1. Kanye West - Yeezus
Everyone had so many negative things to say about this before it leaked, then it leaked, then more people had even more negative things to say about it. Then it seemed to die down when all the so called "Long time Kanye listeners" stopped listening and those of us who actually enjoyed his work started to break down what was going on and what we found was to be the same old thing Kanye tends to do, reinvent himself. I always say that the people who yell out "I want the old Kanye from the first three albums", never really knew Kanye. This CD falls in line with his M.O. of doing new things so well that other artist try to imitate it. With the more notecable track from the album being Blood On The Leaves, standout tracks to me would be all of them because its only 10 tracks. More people picked up the album and bought it after hearing Kanye's "vintage sound" with Bound 2. Personal favorite for me on this album would be I Am God. Shame that the album had to recieve so much negativity and hate because it wasn't convential and the same old format that people want, rather than being viewed as another Kanye album that went against the norms and help break barriers so artist, more so rappers, can try different things musically. Oh yea .. Black Skinhead made that Wolf of Wall Street trailer dope.

Run The Jewels [Killer Mike & El-P] - Run The Jewels
Killer Mike has always been one of my favorites since he rolled out with 'Kast some years ago, but ever since the coming of Pl3dge he has been on a tear of being sort of a conscience rapper and sort of not being a conscience rapper. To me he finds a good middle ground of making his rhymes socially aware and then pure G at the same time. To be honest I haven't really heard much from El-P before this album and I'm glad I didn't because I was pleasently surprised by his verses. He definitely held his own against Mike. If you haven't heard this CD then you are doing yourself a grave injustice. It's only 9 tracks but they all hit with emphasis and importance. DDFH is definitely one of my favorite tracks of the year. Take the time and go listen to it, you'll be happy you did.

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Anyone who can drop an album and immediately resell all of his old catalogue with the release of his new album and most of them hit the billboard. I think the album is the taste of Eminem that we love and know. The title track was masterfully done and I didnt know the track went from 1 to 10. He not only gives us great tracks, he also gives us ample ones with 22 tracks. Overall it isn't something I would dubb a classic but it's certainly ten times better than his last two efforts. I hope this leads to more and more great music & that he is truly back.
4. Pusha T - My Name Is My Name
He definitely came through on this. I loved every single track on the CD. But beyond Nosetaglia, which is track of the year IMO, there isn't really anything that I remember or stands out. But I will say this, if this CD is played, it's definitely getting some play. For a debut CD it's up there. It's prob one of the best ever when you think of all the ones that have come out, or probably one of the best one in the last ten years. He cooled down some at the end of the year, I hope he is around more in 2014, maybe that Clipse album we heard about.
5. Drake - Nothing Was The Same
I personally didn't really like this CD when I first heard it, simply because so many people played the hell out of all the songs that are on the CD. But given a spin and I pretty much still don't like most of the tracks, there are a couple of bangers. But The reason it's so high and over MCHG is because of the mainstream buzz and all the hoopla around it. I still say bring back the rapping Drake and get away from that damn singing nonsense. But women love it and it works for him.

Honorable Mentions

6.) Jay-Z - Magna Carta... Holy Grail
7.) J. Cole - Born Sinner
8.) No Malice - Hear Ye Him
9.) Yo Gotti - I Am
10.) Big Sean - Hall of Fame

Top Mixtapes
Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - Live In Concert
Curren$y - New Jet City
Lloyd Banks - F.N.O. [Failure's No Option]
Trae Tha Truth - I Am King
The Game - Operation Kill Everything
Big K.R.I.T. - K.R.I.T.
Cam'ron - Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1
Nipsey Hussle - Crenshaw
Meek Mill - Dreamchasers 3
Stalley - Honest Cowboy

Top R&B
Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience
Beyonce - Beyonce
The Weeknd - Kiss Land
Janelle Monáe - The Electric Lady
Jhene Aiko - Sail Out
The-Dream - IV Play
John Legend - Love In The Future
TGT - Three Kings
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
Raheem DeVaughn - A Place Called Love Land

Top Disappointments
1. Lil Wayne - I Am Not A Human Being II
2. Lil Wayne - Dedidcation 5
3. DJ Khaled - Suffering From Success
4. Rich Gang - Rich Gang
5. Anything Chief Keef did

Last but not least... My list.

My Top 5 Albums of 2013

Wolf- Tyler, the Creator. ‘What when where how? Like who gives a fxck”. With flawless production lied perfect use of aggressiveness, monotone, chopped and screwed, and Franks vocals...oh my dear Frank can syce anything. Even with 'Trashwang', when you know the meaning behind it .. you appreciate it’s ratchet activity. This album always brings good vibes played from start to finish. The supreme king of No fucking Filter delivers an artistic masterpiece album full of various emotions and thoughts on any and everything evading his mind. Order is all over the place like a scatter brain.. just like myself. The growth. The content. He won.
“…Analog fans are getting sick of the rape. All the tron cat fans are getting sick of the lakes. But what about me bxtch? I’m getting sick of complaints. But I don’t hate em when I’m taking daily trips to the bank. Oh but no shxt who really gives a fxck what I think. My fans don’t’ they turning on me.. shxt they almost extinct. Fxck buying studio time. Imma go purchase a shrink. Record the session and send all you muthafxckas a link. Bxtch. ” – “Rusty”, Tyler.

Yeezus- Kanye West.
He’ll give us what we need. It may not be what we want..”. I DO NOT debate with people about this album. Most that say it’s ‘trash’ have no substantial reason as to why it’s ‘trash’. I would prefer they just say they didn’t like it rather than insulting the work. That would be fair enough. At the space that I was in this year, this album came out at the perfect time. The album exuded a rebel with a cause, creativity, militant stance, and someone in a class of their own. Ye’ said whatever he wanted, how he wanted (even if that included just screaming), and didn’t give a damn if it was what was ‘popular’ or not. He put out a great album from start to finish that I’ve come to find is way too intricate for some to understand…. Even with the simplicity and concise meaning of the lyrics. The tour accompanying it was even better….out of this world.
If I knew what I knew in the past… I woulda been blacked out on yo ass.”- “Blkkk Skkknhead”, Ye’.

The third and fourth spot is a toss up between Beyonce- Beyonce and Magna Carta Holy Grail-Jay-Z… and it has absolutely nothing to do with them being an item. “Blue told me remind you nxggas”. Both of them are just the shxt. Hov had millions GLUED to the tube during Game 5 of the NBA finals this year in awe when he decided to have a commercial aired of the behind the scenes for the album. NO ONE knew what was happening.. NO ONE expected he had an album completed. It was there he revealed to the world there was a new album releasing July 4th. When I tell you he had the internet waves going nuts…. That is an understatement. Oh but wait.. then there’s his other half Bey. While on a world tour for months…she out of the blue posts an Instagram video to let folks know her new album was available for purchase.."Surprise!". An album that no one knew NOTHING about or was even expecting… an album that contained a video for every single track.. all put out at the same time. BEYOND MAJOR. Now you thought Hov had the net going nuts… this was bonkers. The creativity behind the releases alone… deserves a spot of their own. Oddly, there are two songs that I don’t really “care for” (for lack of a better phrase) on each of the albums. However… with Hov going over folks heads consistently with double/triple entendres… incomparable word play.. and quality music that only he can form… This album was one of his best. Rotation overload. Beyonce released an album conveying the epitome of confidence, womens' empowerment, and class. One of her best (if not her best). The lyrics on each album.. the feel on each album. #Superpower. “Like a shark… too much to bear...

My Name is My Name- Pusha T.
One of the most anticipated albums of this year. The beginning of ‘King Push’ alone lets you know…this was going to be something serious. His first official solo album, standing by himself from his previous group with his brother..’The Clipse’… I say Push had NO problem holding his own. “I got money with the best of em”. I am proud of his success. Shorty always been super nice on the mic….and now that he has ya’ll attention… is going harder than ever. “36 years of doing dirt like it’s earth day. Gawd.."

Honorable Mentions (No Particular Order)

Doris- Earl Sweatshirt.
My priorities messed up I know it. Afraid I’m gonna blow it” . I heard a preview of ‘Burgundy’ during the Coachella set this year. Then I heard it again when he performed it on Jimmy Fallon. ‘Burgundy’ led me to keep my eye out for the product. Once I listened, I replayed and replayed. “Deep in the Civic…with the… evilest nxggas.” In straight monotone, Earl will still captivate your attention with the honesty and genuine content in his bars. "I'm a problem to nxggas.."  Nice.

Trap Lord- ASAP Ferg.
Ferg really surprised me. Tracks are still in rotation from its release until now. A unique rap style/lyrics and bass thumped beats allowed Ferg to stand out from his peers while in the same notion putting on for the Asap Mob. Solid project.

Because the Internet- Childish Gambino.
While I was still stuck on Gambino’s track ‘Bonfire’ and ‘The Worst Guys’… this gem trickled right past me on the waves. I didn’t listen immediately, but when I finally did, I was definitely impressed. This could have very well made the top 5 , but there are a few tracks that I skip over in its entirety (for personal reasons I won’t share lol). That does not take away from it being a distinct album of 2013. “White hood white hood!!… Oh K K K!!” Very nice Mr. Glover… Very nice.

Watching Movies with the Sound Off- Mac Miller.
People worship these idols, till they come in contact with Gods”. This entire album was ILL. No questions asked. I wish it got more of the attention it deserved.

Feel Good- The Internet.
That’s what I like most about Odd Future. Everyone has their own different lane and STAYS in it. Syd and Matt make beautiful music together.. from their vocals to the music itself. Light a candle. Pour a drink. This album was GREAT. Start to finish.

Top Mixtapes (No Particular Order)
Boom- OverDoz.
The Abstract & The Dragon- Q-Tip x Busta Rhymes
Fresh Veggies- Rockie Fresh x Casey Veggies
El Presidente- Rico Love
She got Game- Rapsody
***Live in Concert- Wiz Khalifa x Currensy

Until next year... xoxo.
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