Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Video: Wale addresses 'COMPLEX' mag spaz during Personal Intervention on Hot 97

Absolutely, I think It’s personal."…

As many of you may have already heard last week, Wale found out he was not on COMPLEX’s Top 50 albums of 2013 list and SPAZZED. He called up to one of the mag editors and gave him a piece of his mind along with a few threats. Yikes. Of course, that recording {yes everything is on record} of the phone conversation was released shortly after. On my own twitter timeline, I observed people tweeting their thoughts on the move and all were negative. Wale goes into detail about how folks have this and that to say about what they would do.. but they weren’t in the situation; they are not him. At what he described as his own personal intervention (and once you listen, you’ll see why), I totally agree..that this was indeed somewhat a intervention. It was similar to watching an episode of Iyanla, Fix My Life, seriously.
He stopped past HOT 97 morning show with Ebro and Rosenberg to voice his thoughts on why he reacted the way he did, along with COMPLEX influencing his beef with Kid Cudi, Why he even cares that he was omitted from their list and how it made him feel “worthless” , On people feeling he is a jerk (describing the culture here in DC as a reason for him being ‘Socially Awkward’), His temper and more. Throughout this interview, he does more than point fingers and pat himself on the back; he shows vulnerability, passion, and self-reflection… something most people wouldn’t and don’thave the balls to do in the public eye. At the end of the interview, Wale shares he will be releasing a new record on Funk Flex show tonight…in what he describes as containing a “The dreads that haven’t been clean in like 7 months flow”. Keep a look out for that. In the meantime.. listen/watch the interview below:

I understand both angles from him and Ebro. At the end of day, I think people forget to overlook the ‘celebrity’ part and remind themselves that he is human just like the rest. We all know how we react to things when no one is watching (or when we think no one is). As his comparison of.. when you get suspended from school and come back and the kids are like ‘man why you do that’ lol. Straight reacting first and not thinking it all the way through. We’ve all been there once in our lives.

Sn: LMAO @ Kamala rap. Who remembers him from wrestling? Lol

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