Thursday, November 12, 2015

{Personal Post} :: 28 x Photos.

Yesterday was my birthday.
I've grown into an overly private person.  Guarded if you will.
Thus has been a gift... and at the same time a curse.
With that being said... I won't go into much detail BUT
last night I was shown genuine love.  I thank ya'll.
It brought clarity to some situations and defined others.
I appreciate genuineness. 
It's been a bumpy road in life.
But all in all, I use everything as a learning tool.
Thankful to see another year.
Full of emotions of all that is to come.
Thank you family.
Thank you friends.
Thank you Lord.

-Tiff ♥ 

**UPDATE from original 10/12/15 post:: Photos added.

Wanting to type more.  Deciding to chill.

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