Monday, November 2, 2015

#RaisetheMacallan Malt Scotch Whisky Event | Washington D.C.

Rare that I venture out on a work night.  Usually when I do, it's worth it.  This was no exception.  I RSVP'd a month in advance to savor the Macallan... and the Macallan experience.
They had a beautiful set up.  Check out the entrance to the interactive room.

While I was waiting for my glass, I took a minute to admire the artwork of the floor.

From ill color blocks.. to an aerial view of the entire city.  CRAZY.

What I didn't know was.. my first drink would be the 10year old Macallan.  My chest wasn't prepared ... AT ALL.  I finished it though.  And yes... it was straight. ;-)

A different Macallan was in each glass.  You had to smell and then guess which one was which on the iPad.

Behind the Scenes

Main event.
This guy was an EXCELLENT... SUPERB presenter.  He had everyone's attention captured.

First sample they passed out.  10year first.  Since I had it earlier, I was a little more prepared.

12 year.  I was not a fan of this one.  It had a spicy kick to it. but I finished it all.

I tried to get a video, but was interrupted to assist someone at my table.. which I didn't mind.  This is the photo of the exclusive Macallan ice maker... that makes an ice sphere.. perfecto!

15 year was passed around.  Now this was my favorite.  ROUGH.. but it was super smooth.

Chocolate Treats.

The Macallan 'Rare Cask Blend'.

We all proceeded to toast.  I can't even begin to tell you what this tasted like.  It wasn't bad.  No no .. far from bad.  But ROUGH.. most certainly.
I had drops of each one left in my glasses, but I finished before exiting.  

Amazing event!  Quality tastings and a very informative history lesson.  Super buzzed.. walking in the rain back to the METRO to get home.  It was all worth it.

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