Thursday, February 18, 2021

How You can Help the Texas Winter Storm Victims

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An unusual snow storm and cold temps swept parts of the south and midwest states at the beginning of this week.  Specifically, Texas seems to be hit the hardest leaving countless (my cousins included) with no electricity, no water, no heat, damaged property etcetera etcetera.  I have seen this first hand so it always hits a nerve.  To fathom this happening during a pandemic is unreal.  Mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion heightened.  Here's some resources to assist that may offer a helping hand...

Hunger in Texas- Click here to find food banks across Texas that may be close to your home or others in need 

Warming Shelter- Dial 211 or visit to find a nearest warming shelter 

Mercy Chefs- deployed to Dallas and will start serving hot meals tomorrow, 02/19.  Location provided on the site.  They are accepting donations and volunteers, as well.

Funky Town Fridge- provides community fridges filled with food and other items to anyone in need.  Check the link to find a location.  You may, also, donate your own items following the food donation guidelines and/or provide a monetary donation.

Austin Area Urban League- their #LoveThyNeighborTXcampaign helps provide shelter, food, water, clothing etc. to those in need.  

Special s.o. to Trae the Truth though.  He is ALWAYS out there in the trenches helping his community.  If you know of any others assisting, feel free to drop it in the comments or pass the info along.

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