Monday, February 1, 2021

"WONKA" gets an Official Release date, but who will play Willy Wonka?

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Who can take a sunrise?....
Sprinkle it with dew?

Janelle Monae would be SICK as Willy Wonka, right?  Unfortunately, it's just a photo circulating.  She was not casted.

Actually, no one has been casted yet, so there's still hope.  According to Collider, sources are saying Warner Bros. has their eye on Tom Holland or Timothee Chalamet.  

Willy Wonka is a movie in my collection that I can quote word. for. word.  An avid fan of the 1971 original.  I hated the one with Johnny Depp.  Never finished it... never revisited.  

There has been a lot of speculation that this film will be a 'prequel', but no confirmation yet.  I'll keep you posted.  Let's see what they come up with.  WB should seriously look into casting Janelle Monae though.

WONKA is slated for release on March 17, 2023.  

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