Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Here's Multiple Teaser's for Tyler, the Creator's 'Call Me if You Get Lost', including his new single "Lumberjack"

My fandom for Tyler stretches way back to 2011.  I was introduced to Odd Future,  then"Goblin", then "Bastard" and my whole life changed.  The overwhelming excitement that bolts through my veins when he is dropping a new album has been unmatched. Each. Time.  
A week ago, I said "it's about that time.  where the album Tyler?  He always drops around (*continues to yap)".  Now here we are!
Today, he gave us FLAMES with the new single "Lumberjack".  
Check out all the teasers I've peeped so far, including his new video after the jump!

Tweeted video teaser by Tyler which could potentially be a full song OR just a promo..

A video of this billboard began circulating on the net.  Tyler even tweeted the number out.  In case you were pondering... Yes, i called it lol.  It was another snippet of music and his mama talking in a voicemail like sound.

What MOST of us missed was his super subtle teaser last year at the Grammy's.  This was truly an if you know you know moment.  Someone on reddit zoomed in and saw that "Call Me If You Get Lost" was on his luggage tag.  

The video for the "Lumberjack" single was released today, in which I must admit.. I've played on repeat for an extended period of time.  Tyler's cominnnng

Catch up n*ghas!!

UPDATE 06/17: We got a date ya'll.... JUNE 25TH

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  1. This i'm ready for, I just appreciate how far he's willing to go and grow for the art every album almost is a reinvention and elevation of the sound.