Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Time Warp...1998: Just Be Straight With Me | Silkk the Shocker x Master P x Destiny's Child

 Circa 1998. 

I grew up around GREAT music thanks to Moms' nem so samples were always exciting to me.  I was around 11 when this dropped and still remember how I felt when I first heard it; older bro bought the CD.   Like seriously, I have countless stories in the vault man.  Back to this story though.  The SOS flip had me jamminnn out.  I, also, understand even more now... I don't care what the others think.  Just be straight wit me. 
Just. Like. Dat.  Tick to the Tok.
Nah fr... Craig B did his THING on the boards.  P verse too.  Still bumpin in 2022.

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