Thursday, May 5, 2011


I've been L O O K I N G for this song ever since I heard it in FL that friday night. I ask 'em "what song is this?" ..CLEARLY because the 25 LIGHTERS sample is C R A Z Y.... of course.. i got a stupid response -_- #ExtraAsHell lol. Any who.. I just happened to have the music on random today at the place of employment(per you tube).. and what do you know.... Sunshine :D

Here's a Bonus... Swang Remix Sample.. original sample LADY OF MY LIFE- Michael Jackson of course... RIP


  1. Two of my most favorite samples of all times... got my floating at the office... for some reason i can see the videos on ur blog but not if i log onto youtube... smh... but i'm happy thanx bug..

  2. word?? well now i know to send you music via the blog lls. I'm glad you like lol