Thursday, December 13, 2012

Video: Kanye performs at Hurrican Sandy 12-12-12 Relief Concert..

I know Spike Lee gon kill me
But lemme finish…

Several  and random channels last night broadcasted the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Relief concert from 7:30PM- 12AM, which was held to raise those for the victims of the devastating hurricane that occurred a few months ago.  Major names of Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys and the genius Mr. West were among the performers just to name a few.  Many on my twitter TL made a big deal about Ye’ wearing a kilt during his performance which surprised me because he has been doing that since LAST year during the Watch the Throne tour.  It’s nothing new for him at all.  It may have been just me, but it seems Ye’ mind was somewhere else while performing.  Idk.  Nevertheless, eyes were glued to the tube.  Check his performance out below:

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