Monday, December 31, 2012

YouTube....Best of 2012

Thanks to my randomness and my inbox receiving randomness lol, I was able to have endless laughs throughout the entire year thanks to YouTube.  I didn’t list many.. but here are a few of my faves from this year.  Enjoy !

This is by far thee BEST Beyonce impersonation I have EVER seen.  It’s funny for various reasons.. but on a more serious note.. this girl sounds JUST like her.

This turned into a WTF when it came on… to a laugh.. to a constant saying my cousin used randomly.


The first time I saw this commercial.. I could not stop laughing at the lack of expression
B.J. Raji (Green Bay Packers) had when doing the dance.  Pretty soon.. there was a video floating around of me the morning of my birthday doing this dance to  “Higher” .  Of course.. I won’t post that ;-) 


Our people lol smh

“I don’t know” LOL.  Wayne was oh so disrespectful to this man but hilarious at the same time.  The comedy.


Too Funny


There comes a point in time where we all wish we could say fxck it.. and do this in our office

Another impersonation where the person hits it on the tee!  I Love Hov.. but this was funny

Last but not least.. one of the many things I laughed at consistently ALL year.  Stevie J period makes me laugh.  Ahh..I can’t wait for the next season of LHHATL to come on.  Here’s a classic scene from the 1st season:


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