Monday, December 3, 2012

Lil Wayne collabs with Stevie J on new track "Awkward"...

Who is the fxck is Stevie j?
If you don’t know by now.. u muhfxckkas stupid man

Brakes.  Don’t get him confused with the music producer & reality star from Love and Hip Hop ATL.  The person Lil' Wayne is referring to is DJ Stevie J.. a completely different person. 

 I’m sure Wayne wouldn’t drop a track with the other Stevie J any time soon considering there was footage of the two allegedly giving each other a “kiss” not too long ago.  But then again… you never know with this guy. 

Anyway.. as far as the track goes.. I hear it’s a “throwaway” , but it’s no different than the others he’s been putting out lately.  Where’s "Drought 3" Wayne when you need him..  
I'm sure it'll be a hit tho..

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