Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Tony...

..We been together like Nike airs and crisped tee's

..But let's not stray
..From what I came to say my beloved....

It's that time of year again.  You know I normally post "your" post on "your" days earlier. but today it was a little harder to do so.  I promised I would get it up before midnight though.  I thought about having your picture with this one, but I was talking to your moms again the other day and well she changed her profile picture to your face a little earlier than usual.  I wasn't prepared.. couldn't handle it.  It broke my heart.  You know ain't nothin change... sensitivity and emotions ain't me lol.. so I did everything to try and distract me from it.  Same routine I've been doing since you've passed.  Your mom has her up and down days... but we still talk often and she's a strong woman.  She's trying ya know.  
I have on blue of course today :-).  I know you would love this hue.  You remember when I wrote you this bomb ass song about you to this track after you went to be in the heavens?  I thought it'd be perfect for your bday post than a sad one.  You know how we use to do... Hov'd out baby lol.  Not having you around is the worst.  As moms said earlier... it's still unbelievable.  No one can fathom how much I  miss you.  No one.  Oddly, it seems like each year gets rougher for me.  Go figure..  Anywho tho.. i know you partying for your 29th up there. I won't hold you up.  Just giving you your normal shine up here on your days as usual *wink.  You're still thought of daily.  Happy Birthday Tony!!!!  RIP.  
Xoxo. Always, “T.I.”

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