Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Video : Kanye West explains bringing "Jesus" on his Tour

”We do plays all the time where people play Jesus..."

Mr. 'Yeezus Just Rose Again' has ruffled some feathers once more. Earlier this week, a video leaked from Kanye's performance in Seattle on his 'Yeezus' Tour of him bringing out an individual playing the role of "Jesus". Many were confused about what was going on and viewed the action totally negative. I, personally, was unsure of how to feel when I heard about it. 1. I wish it wouldn't have leaked because the shock value I would have at the actual show next month would be so much greater. 2. I praised the idea of not only the track "Jesus Walks", but the Part 3 version that's rarely seen where someone (again) portraying Jesus is following his every move. I thought that was GENIUS and the message alone was so empowering. However, when I heard about this .. I was a little on the fence. Why was it accepted then and shunned now I thought? So, I really started thinking about why people react to him differently now than they have before? {"As soon as they like you, make them unlike you".}. I came to a few conclusions but I'll save that for another post.
In this brief interview segment, Kanye explains how and WHY he came up with the idea. To be perfectly honest, I'm so glad he voiced this. It changes the uncertainty outlook and directs it more to his true intentions. After explaining, it makes perfect sense and in a form... inspirational if you will. Watch below as the folks from WiLD 94.9 (in San Fran) obtain the real reason behind the addition to his tour + the meaning of the 'Yeezus' album below:

For those who haven't seen the leaked footage, take a look at the vid below to see what caused all the commotion.
LOL @ the guy randomly commentating "Way too far bruh" lol.


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