Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Personal Post (Photos/Thoughts): Cancellation of East Coast 'Rock the Bells' + Miami ...

....I saw the above last Thursday and was heartbroken. Anyone who follows the blog or talks to me in person, knows the excitement I had for this festival was beyond. I mean..I'm sure any true hip/hop music head felt the same way. As I bought my tickets within the first few minutes they went on sale, I never imagined 4 months later the festival would never happen -_-. The entire east coast shows were cancelled. Tf? Talk about letting fans DOWN. Apparently, the cancellation was due to low ticket sales and if the East Coast festivals would have proceeded, $3Million dollars would have been lost. In the midst of the debacle, Kid Cudi offered his thoughts ..
"..Hip hop shows arnt exciting. I personally think thats why RTB fell off. With the exception of a few artists and legends we know and love. Aint nobody tryna hear a bunch of people yellin at u all day w all that testosterone, mean muggin n shit. People wanna smile and dance..."

Honestly, I totally agree... Performances just aren't what they use to be. I've been to many shows where the artist is engaged with the audience regardless of amaze set visuals or none at all. Then there were times where I've just seen an artist perform one of my fav songs... and the crowd (including myself) is more hype than they are -___-. However, that doesn't take away why I continue to go to concerts... it's for the MUSIC. Something I hold DEAR to my heart.

While the news of no RTB ruined my entire day -_-, random activity was set into play. When there's a will.. there's a way! Shit.. these past few weeks have been rough..and my entire weekend activity was just cancelled.. why not get away?, I thought. That plan surely came into action. MIA awaited me.

I wasn't there long enough on what I would consider a "vacation", but that didn't stop me from snapping a few photos to capture random moments. It was my first time flying in first class and man when I tell you they treat you TOTALLY different there... it's TOTALLY different. Astounding. The MIA weather was hot and humid... the streets were packed.. and the next day I happen to catch a random man showing off his new and improved version of a "speedo". I only wish I had my camera out long enough each day to capture more....


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