Monday, November 11, 2013

Beat Tape: Late Nostalgic Nights | Ace Dizzy Flow

”The meaning of "nostalgia" is characterized by or exhibiting feelings of nostalgia. The choices of samples that were used all had a meaning and purpose behind it. Therefore resulting in "nostalgia" or "nostalgic". Also introduces the ace "f**ing filter". Hope you enjoy"

My dear homie Jerm', better known to you all as Ace Dizzy Flow of the NQM, released another beat tape a few weeks ago.  This one entitled: 'Late Nostalgic Nights'... fitting beyond explanation.  While bobbing your head consistently to its entirety, words that aren't there are felt.  Situations.  Experiences.  Current or past... doesn't matter.. they appear before your eyes.  Being a sample junkie like myself, Ace visits a variety of cuts from 'All I Need'/ Isley Brothers to 'Come Back to Me'/Janet Jackson to the ever so capturing 'This Side of Forever'/ Lalo Schifrin & Jerry Fielding featuring Roberta Flack.  Those are just to name a few.  There are several more on this tape. Each title track compliments the unique distinction of each beat tone and its purpose to the tee.  The 'what if Gina would've listened to Pam (interlude)' as impressive as can be... allows the mind to wander even more.  Be prepared to go on an emotional rollercoaster off just music alone of smiles. sadness,  excitement, deep thought and any others. To purchase/download this tape, click Here. In the meantime, Fire up the hookah... pour the brown liquor.. and ZONE OUT.   

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