Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time Warp... 2001/ 2008. Young'n (Holla Back) | Fabolous + License to Kill | Pastor Troy

I chose two Time Warp's today because both artists celebrated their 36th birthday yesterday. Happy Belated!

Circa 2001.
This came out around the time The Neptunes were taking over the radio, everyone was prest to have the 'two-way' ringtone even if they didn't have a two way, and harlem shake battles ensued at countless parties. We went to the most parties as "youngns" now that I think about it.. and showed out lol. Too much fun man.

Circa 2008.
Choosing a song from the pastor..leada of a whik-ed chuuch.. was difficult. Slim had BANGERS. From those who know me, the obvious would have been 'Rhonda' or 'Equipped in this Game', but I decided to go another route today. This track right here... my homeboy Brandon and I played this over..and over... and over... and over... and over... spring semester of my Junior year in college. Aside from it being the Pastor, the Teena Marie sample was CRAZY. Anyone who hung around me soon became hooked as well and got on it heavy. Blasting this on the yard in the parking lot doing 'what we did'. Him, My homegirl Brisje, the homie Loaf and I will always share a Troy bond/memory from any of his albums.
A ell.. eye.. cee. innssss to Kill.

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