Thursday, January 1, 2015

{Personal Post} Photos: My Birthday Celebration + More ...

#LatePost My birthday was so months ago (October 11th to be exact).  Better late than never right?  :(  I finally got some time to post them.  October Celebration photos in a nutshell: My birthday functions, Shawnetta Birthday, and Halloween.  I had the best birthday ever (out of all 27 years) in 2014.  Here's some photos for the memory.  Enjoy
Muah- Dolcezza.

Present on my desk at work :-)

My Chicas.

Co workers came through and showed mad love

I had sooooo much fun

My mom got me the bombbbbb cake for my birthday.  It was a ice cream cake too.  DE fucking LISH.

This guy was HUGE .  I forgot who he was for halloween, but i HAD to get a pic.  It does no justice though.  I swear he was like 7 feet.  Maybe I'm just little

Fun fun fun.

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