Thursday, January 1, 2015

{Personal Post} Photos :: Camp Floggnaw Odd Future Carnival 2014 | Los Angeles, CA

#LatePost.  Due to the insane lineup... i HAD to go this time around.  Oh the elements.  I had SOOOO Much fun.  I was genuinely in the best mood ever and enjoyed more than I can express.  Everyone ROCKED their set.   Taco and his homie showing some love to a G in passing while I was in my zone (dancing & rapping to Mac's 'Watching Movies' to be exact) ;-) added the icing on the cake.  I snap photos in between times of awesomeness to capture the memories.. and to also share with those who couldn't make it.  'Summer fun' in November.  Enjoy!

Grand Canyon

5 feet.  Long legs.

Perfect.  Sn:  Look at Tyler on the billboard.
The Internet.

Ross or Earl was on stage.  I can't remember ... regardless it rocked. lol.

Rode this about three times

Photo booth ish.

Stella in a bud light cup.




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