Thursday, March 26, 2015

IKEA Foundation Flat-Pack shelters on the way to 10,000 Refugee families

"Our mission is to develop and provide innovative housing solutions for the millions of people who lose their homes during conflicts and natural disasters – at prices so low that as many people as possible will benefit from them. Better Shelter is a social enterprise. With entrepreneurial energy and market discipline we achieve social change on a large scale in a financially self sustainable way. Every dollar we generate in profit is reinvested within our company or distributed to our philanthropic owner, the Housing for All Foundation."

"Better Shelter" strives to make a better living space with a modern feel for expelled families.    In the above photos, you can see set ups and reviews of the prototype in 2013 as tests for 40 refugee families in Iraq and Ethiopia.  The developmental process has since progressed and IKEA Foundation's flat pack shelters are in route to 10,000 families in need; ordered by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). 

The high tech double size 'tent' can comfortably accommodate up to a family of 5.  The structure is:: lightweight steel frame with rust protection, polyolefin foam panels for weather- resistance, and a PV (photovaltaic) system attached to the roof to solar charge an LED light to illuminate the interior.  The shelters, also, contain four windows, two ventilation openings (with mosquito nets), and a door that is able to be secured via padlock.  Although, the shelters are only expected to last three years at the moment, it's most certainly an impressive start in making a difference for those refugee families to have highly improved living quarters.  The shelters are set to distribute this summer.  To read up or more information/photos, visit

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