Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Video :: Grief | Earl Sweatshirt + New Album announcement

Focus on my chatter
ain't as frantic as my thoughts...

Ever since Bey dropped a 'surprise' album in 2013, it seems more music artists are attempting to follow suit- Drake, Kendrick Lamar etc.  Bey's surprise was the GOAT, but others have taken stabs at the general idea.  Earl is now added to the list.  His intentions were to drop the new vid and THEN announce the new album.  However, that didn't go as planned and he took it to twitter to vent on the label's fxck up.  
Earl's new 10 track album drops next week on March 23rd-I DON'T LIKE SHIT, I DON'T GO OUTSIDE; available for pre-order now on iTunes.  "Grief"- fittingly named, is a lo-fi dark and gloom record that is complimented by a inverted video just the same.    
 "I been reaping what I sowed..."
Watch below::

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