Thursday, June 2, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Miami Heat Playoffs Game 3 x A Day at the Beach

Let me start by saying, I am a fan of the home team... Wizards of course.  HOWEVER, we were already headed to Miami for a few days and it was like... why NOT catch a playoff game?  Gives me a reason to bring the hat back out anyway.  Miami played Philly that evening in Game 3 and unfortunately, it was a BLOW OUT.  Mercury retrograde began on this day, also.  Since that morning to present, the days have exuded every bit of that... but that's another post for a different time. 
It had been a few years since we'd been here.  
We hit the yayo for a couple days and did what we do... have FUN.  
Take a glimpse...

clearly, we were happy to be on vacation (AGAIN ;) )

checked in.  smack dab in the heart of Ocean drive.

of course, I turned on Martin.

it didn't take long.  put the bags down, freshen up, hit the streets.

happy hour.  margaritas and quesadillas.  

ironically, car service was cheaper than uber.  we most certainly took advantage of that.

gas prices are truly ridiculous.


game time.

miami won.  this was on a building in front of the arena after.  tight, right?

hungry again from happy hour and the food in the arena, we stopped here before heading back to south beach.  the service was absolutely horrid.  they were only good for the decor honestly.

a new day.  the sun is shining bright and warm.  time for lunch before the beach.

now HERE, the service was impeccable and the food was absolutely delicious.

stopped to get more drinks before the beach... to take on the beach...

they asked me to take a pic of them.  nice and pleasant.  this was my favorite of the few I took.  

from this moment here, the entire day took a turn lol

i ruined my lashes the day before, thank God for CVS.  back in the day, this used to be a johnny rockets.  as it is the same location of the scene where scarface met with marta and 'frog face', you used to be able to go up to that exact apartment.  you couldn't enter, but could walk up there.  luckily, i still have old footage of that.  it's now a cvs and they have the stairwell blocked off.

for over 10 years, i have made it a tradition of my own to eat breakfast at The Place every time I visit Miami.  same meal ordered, ain't nothin change.


the sky is amazing.
til next time... XOXO.

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