Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Plot Thickens.... Tahiry admits to snuffing Consequence...

“They forgot about Tahiry…
Hit em straight in the face…
I caught a good one….”- Tahiry. 

(To catch the back story and video of the fight… click here)

If you’re already up to date…
Hot 97 got Tahiry on the lines this morning to explain what really happened with the Joe Budden and Consequence fight. 
Listen below:

Ahhhhh… this outside fxckery has been more interesting than the entire season.  The anticipation for the air date of the reunion keeps building…and building….


  1. Damn you better than CNN on this shit... lol i'm at work excited like i saw a fight... lmao

    1. Lol! Why thank you! It has been rather entertaining.. this ordeal I must say