Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rappers Need Love Too... starring DMX & Kanye West...

I’m slippin..I’m fallin.. I can’t get up..

Before I begin to get in depth with this, I want you all to notice that I chose older photos to accompany their current videos.  I'll get to that in a second.  Peep the most current clips circulating of each one below:


Kanye West

Pause.  I used these two pictures because these are the guys we all fell in love with.. musically and artistically.  Who would imagine that things would turn out this way? 
DMX was one of the rawest and passionate emcees out.  If he was on a track... n words knew it was gonna be hot.  Now.. from his appearance on VH1s Couples' Therapy show to arrest after arrest after arrest, it seems we can't get any positive news about this guy.
And then there's Kanye.  When he hit the scene, with his classic beats and rhymes, we all knew he was here to stay.... and that he did.  Although, a true fan would appreciate his evolving style lyrically as a whole, one must say their satisfaction has dried up.  The random antics are starting to become a little worrisome. 

So what do these two have in common besides being classic rappers forever acknowledged in hip-hop?  More than you probably have thought about.
 Being emotional isn't necessarily a bad thing when you know how to manage it, however, this is clearly not the case.  It saddens me even to watch that video of X spazzing on Iyanla (a woman) like that... in front of his son.. who is noticeably disappointed.  X's ex-wife, Tasheera, said on episode of "Starter Wives Confidential" that X has no relationship with his son (the one featured in the video) and that he (the son) prefers to not acknowledge him as his father.  Sad.  Kanye has been ranting and raving about any everything these past few days... even if it can be seen as shade towards his own friends.. true friends.  Outspoken is one thing.  Making an ass of yourself is another.
 X has told the story time and time of his abusive and eventually non present mother and how that has affected him.  Kanye went through an extremely rough time when he lost his mother.  Both have used that as their reason for built up anger... emotions.. and idgaf attitude over years.  Is it a cry for attention and love or an excuse to act any way they want?  I think it's a little bit of both.

A while back… there were videos circulating of the beautiful actress Maia Campbell high off crack spazzing out on someone.  She looked and sounded a mess.  It was hard to believe it was her.  Not only did she possess beauty, but she could actually act.  The gal had talent.  Then her mother died;  The late great author, Bebe Moore Campbell.  Slowly, but surely, her life started to spiral out of control and the result was the video I just mentioned.  However, during that time.. there were no jokes.  Folks were mad concerned about her.  Folks were telling other folks to pray for her and that she needs help.  So why when we have folk in our hip hop community going through it.. they can’t get the same reaction?  It’s clear that, including, Maia.. they all possess the same common denominator which eventually led to their lives have spiraling out of control.  Maia visited Iyanla’s show, Fix My Life, as well and I am pleased to say she is now back on track.  Maybe the same can happen for Ye and X.  Not specifically that they need to visit a show to get their life on track.. but to have support instead of encouragement for the fxckery, verbal attacks, and laughs.  I hate to see anyone I like ,non-famous or famous, have great potential and self-destruct when all along it may be feasible to pull them back into life .  These two need a hug.  I hope they get it together.    

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