Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Drinks and Tacos :: Taco Bell to Start serving Booze?

Meanwhile in Chicago... plans have been discussed of serving frozen drinks at Taco Bell made with rum and/or vodka alongside Corona's or a choice of draft beer.  According to Thrillist, this will take place at the Wicker Park location @ 1439 N. Milwaukee, set to open this summer.  
Apparently, a liquor license application was submitted on May 6th to the city of Chicago- not for full bar service but rather only counter service.  Thrillist reports the application included descriptions for happy hour friendly frozen drinks called 'Twisted Freezes'.  For those who do not partake in libations, I'm sure the non-alcoholic version of the frozen drinks will remain.  
Let's wait and see if the app gets approved.

via Google (random location)

If this is successful... it may spread across the U.S.  I still have my fingers crossed on the 24hour breakfast test run @ McDonald's being successful.  We could really use one around these parts of the nations' capital...

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