Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vivid Innovation:: Check Out Black Heron's hand-printed Socks

”The creator/artist comes from a place of all things weird and creative. The idea for undergarment design was birthed from her wife's love of unique socks and stockings. A woman of few words, the artist often had trouble describing her ideas and vision to others. She decided to collage her concepts into personalized items for her love. After gaining praise and acceptance from family and friends, she was encouraged to launch that which we call Black Heron.”

Egyptian Queen

Thanks to SaintHeron... I was able to discover this fresh sock collection.  Florida based Black Heron creates hand-printed socks and stockings designed in a way capturing the 'beautiful part' of the tropical state.  Each vegan-friendly pair contains a personal commentary in the description.  And check this... they are running for just $25 a pop!  Their selection is nice.  You can view more photos below::
Blue China in White

Mysterious Nefertiti in Lime

Pineapple Silk in Black

To View more or Order... Visit BLACKHERON

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