Monday, May 4, 2015

Album Stream :: 25HAD | Tay Walker

"See there's so many words...that I can use...When I am describing you..."
So here was the scene. It was cool and very cloudy. Mind racing. Finishing a home project I started. 25HAD was the backdrop to it. On repeat. For two hours.
This was absolutely worth every minute of the wait for the release. I've said many times- Tay's voice is incredible so that will always be a given. On 25HAD, he covers all aspects- singing, rapping, and poetry. I have deemed this the audible version of the movie 'Love Jones'. The lyrics and overall feeling the album provides in whole is just that. Simply put, this album is great.
Vibe out to the stream below::
"We can start off slow, just hit the cruise control..."

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