Monday, August 17, 2015

{Personal Post} PHOTOS :: REDDS x Afropunk "Wicked Party " DC

Afropunk did a 'Wicked Party' run on the East coast to kick off the upcoming Afropunk NYC festival.  Powered by REDDS ale, each city had a different artist performing.  Here's a cap of the DC party @ Howard Theatre...

Black Alley

All REDDS drinks were complimentary.  CLUTCH.  You could choose between Black Cherry, Apple, or Mango.  I preferred the Black Cherry this evening..
Black Alley

Live art- @Misschelove
In between sets.  I think the DJ was playing 'Back that Azz Up' when I snapped this
The moment I had been waiting for.  Thundercat hit the stage !

KILLED this cover - Kendrick Lamar's "Complexion (a Zulu Love)
It was only right he closed the set with this.  In my list of top 10 favorite songs this year hands down.  Luckily, she recorded for me so I could enjoy in all it's splendor by singing and dancing :-)

Free trinkets I picked up along the way
I have to share the story behind this photo.  So the ladies bathroom had absolutely NO toilet paper left and it was ridiculously packed.  A lady in line told everyone to hold on.  She walked right over to the men's room across the hall and went in "I've seen it before!".. came back with mad rolls of toilet paper.  She started tossing them to people .. I happened to catch one. LOL... all the while I was fixing my makeup (which explains the brush).
Living Colour


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