Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meet Andrea & Robin McBride :: The 1st Black sisters to launch their own Wine company

Andrea and Robin McBride have made headlines as they are noted as the first black sisters to own their own wine company. The duo launched Truvée (premium) Wines at The Manor (1327 Connecticut Avenue NW), here in Washington D.C. (Sidebar: This place has really stepped up since our last visit, I hope Shana is reading...) While the two share the same father, they did not know each other as they lived on opposite sides of the world- One in New Zealand and one in California. Under bittersweet circumstances, the sisters met in 1999 when their father passed. Andrea was 16 and Robin was 25. Sharing a common bond of both growing up around vineyards is what brings us to the start of their company today.

It all started really from growing up in the wine industry as two little brown girls and incubating these ideas that maybe one day we wanted to make wine and in all honesty, we probably wouldn’t have done it by ourselves if we hadn’t met. We felt that we were kind of powerful — the world had brought us together in a very serendipitous moment and we wanted to take it on. We want to do it.”

In 2010, they launched the first winery in the world certified for zero carbon emissions. They, rightfully, named it "McBride Sisters". Today in 2015, their first brand “Truvée” is launched- a twist for the French verb Trouver which means "to find".

To read more on the Sistas, check their article out and watch their brief interview with Roland Martin on NewsOne here

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