Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Elephant in the Room | CyHi the Prynce

***UPDATE 8/10/15-  At some point within a 5 day span, somehow someway, this song is magically removed from the internet.  Youtube included.  What's that about? :-/

Sit the fxck down Mr. West
I ain't done yet...

*Sigh.  There comes a day when you're FED UP.  Today is CyHi's day.
I've mentioned, along with countless others, how talented CyHi is and how much he is slept on.  The hope for more exposure of his music to the world and all that good stuff.  To no avail, it's been the same ride for the Prynce.  As a result, it seems he has reached his breaking point with the frustration of the whole ordeal.  In 'Elephant in the Room', he addresses .. and/or disses, whichever you want to call it, Def Jam and G.O.O.D Music label mates including the boss himself... Mr. Kanye West.  Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest right??  While I don't agree with disputes openly of anyone (celeb or not), i TOTALLY understand why he fired off.  You can't blame him not. one. bit.  I'll cut the commentary short so you can listen for yourself.  
"Ok, my nigga Pusha shit snap, Nah I'm man that shit's crap"....

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