Monday, August 3, 2015

Stay Woke :: Kendrick Lamar releases new metaphorical video, "For Free? (Interlude)"

I need 40 acres and a mule
Not a 40oz and a pitbull...  

When artistic expression is genius.
I want to elaborate on the deep metaphor via the video which compliment's the lyrics of the song, BUT I, also, want you guys to view it for yourselves and see if you are able to capture in its entirety.  Saying the meaning ahead may alter how you would look at the video initially going in blind.  Maybe I'll edit the post later and add that commentary.  
 To Pimp a Butterfly is out now.  Watch the video below:: 
Sidebar:  I always think of the 'vine' created of the guy snapping when I hear this song lol

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