Tuesday, August 25, 2015

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEO :: Pancakes x Booze x Art Show | Washington, DC | Aug 20th

Pancakes and Booze held an art show last week- Free Pancakes.  Beer.  Dope Art. and More.  I ran into many familiar faces.  A night full of entertainment and laughter.  My girlfriend decided to put her pieces in a show again.  Support all while enjoying the event.  Take a glimpse...


The line was blocks long..

An hour later... still standing -_- .. until Tre' came out and gave me a wristband to go to the front of the line.  Thank God for the connections. 

Her piece with the Common "I Used to Love H.E.R." quote.  The other pieces belong to another artist

The conversation about this I had with some folks standing by was quite interesting.  Funny to say the least

Her pieces for the show... KILLED IT

I loved her tattoo

Pancake line

Jnell Jordan

Greg Slade

Body Painting

They were out of strawberry, but had blueberry x banana x chocolate chip left.  I snapped this during my 2nd or 3rd time getting in line.  I can't remember.  First two times I snagged blueberry.  The 3rd time I snagged chocolate chip. 

Aboudi Kabbani

Aboudi Kabbani

Dametrii Nelson

Tony Lopez.  That Challenger is sexy, isn't it?

Vanessa Smith/vkpaints

keeping it lit

This one was so bombbb

Olufemi/ Ohlaafemi .  Loved all her pieces.

Olufemi/Ohlaafemi.  DS2 art work was sick.


Exhausted... but hours well spent. 

Look up girlie.. say Cheese!  You did a great job

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  1. This look like it was dope...i want that joint that said the bitch set me up lol