Friday, September 12, 2014

Odd Future launches 24 Hour Commercial Free Radio Station

Instead of searching major Internet radio apps for OF stations that the site creates, you can now listen to one generated by the gang themselves. As a partnership with DJ Skee- Led (Dash Radio), Odd Future now has a 24 hour station that you can stream for free... Live.
The group's manager, Christian Clancy, elaborates -
Basically a 24/7 commercial free station for their shows, their shit, their friends, and music they like. Live show on Tuesdays. Specials. Whatever they come up with could be absolutely amazing or a complete disaster. Ha. Go eagles’ .
The station is up and running (blaring as I type). It's extra tight because it has a history log of
the songs played and at what time so you can catch the title/artist/album if you're feeling it. Go check it out at DashRadio.Com or download the DashRadio app.

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