Wednesday, September 24, 2014

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos:: Summer Concert Series Pt. 2 - Tyler the Creator & Frankie Beverly x MAZE

Here's part two of the photo series. Tyler the Creator's WOLF Tour (DC) and Frankie Beverly x MAZE (feat. Ruben Studdard and Patti Labelle).

Tyler, the Creator WOLF Tour

Hypnotized Minds Hoe!

I liked his fro. 
I think I was on beer #3 by this time smh

His hair was supa long and thick.  Pause.

Taco and Jasper joined him and a few others.  You already know this was live.
Sn:  Look at that mosh

Frankie Beverly & MAZE feat. Ruben Studdard and Patti LaBelle.
I promise we didn't plan this.  I hadn't talked to her the whole day.  \
Great minds just think alike ;-)

Ms. Patti.  When we got there Ruben was already on (CP time).  He killed what part I did see ..singing his own rendition of 'Brown Liquor' songs.  I didn't get any photos then though :-/ 

I stood up their entire set.  Thank God I wore those 6"s
because I wouldn't have been able to see a thing in our floor seats

After the show snapping it up again with Mi Madre.

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