Monday, September 22, 2014

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: Summer Concert Series Pt. 1 - Dipset & Jay x Bey's 'On The Run'

The end of summer has officially arrived. While I am excited for Fall....I love Fall... I'm, also, going to miss summer. Not so much for the heat and fashion, but for all the outdoor activities and fun. Contained in those outdoor activities and fun were concerts :-). I took a few photos that I never posted... until now. I have to make two separate posts considering the magnitude of photos. I'm super bummed that I can't share the videos with you all up here (I've tried several times and failed :-/). I really got some awesome footage on my phone. It, also, allowed you to capture the true essence of the show.
Part one of my series entails the Dipset Reunion Show (DC) and Jay x Bey's On the Run Tour (Baltimore Show)::

DIPSET Reunion Show

I can't even explain how much I enjoyed this concert and how live it was.  This was prob my favorite for a few reasons.... even though the show started at 10 and they didn't come out until after 1 -___-

Jay-Z x Beyonce ON THE RUN

You would never know I was sitting in section 100 with the crowd shots I snapped.  lol.  They make us look so far but we were actually right by the stage.  I was able to capture almost the entire stadium though so at least the picture came out good.

Jay performed 'Song Cry' in its entirety during this part right here. 
I didn't know what to do with myself.

They were in the middle of the stadium at this point (hence the spot light and the thousands of flashes from the cameras on phones)

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