Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Race Talk : Childish Gambino stops by the Breakfast Club

Our job as like young Blacks in this country is to show our worth...

Ahhh... the debate of Black and White. I've seen many negative comments in reference to this interview as far as Childish Gambino goes. I have great pride and involvement with our culture, which is #obvious, and wasn't offended by anything he said. I understood completely what he was saying. I got Charlemagne’s point, also, BUT I felt he wasn’t really getting what Gambino was trying to relay. One of those moments where you have to really listen (or endure certain things for that matter to understand) more instead of talking. It’s not about ‘inferiority’. It’s about reality… and if you think he was saying the reality is ‘who is better than who’.. You missed the message. Two different plateaus. I could type so much more, but I’ll stop here.
They never really got to the topic of his ‘mixtape’, but rather continued the Black v. White convo for a while and then went all over the place. Quite a conversation spark. Listen below::
'Because Whiteness is blankness. They look at it as a blank slate; when you come in you can be anything. Like when I walk in even if I have a bow tie, they might be like 'Is he Muslim?', they're not gonna do that with a White dude...'

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