Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time Warp ... 2000 : Y.B.E. | Prodigy x B.G.

Circa 2000.
Prodigy’s H.N.I.C is one of my favorite Hip Hop albums of all time. With that being said, I was listening to Jet Life’s Organized Crime mixtape and when I heard this beat drop… I turned the entire mixtape off lls. In a good way. I was trying to refrain from having a loud outburst at the plantation. The dopeness of all that was Spitta had B.G’s son rap over it. Cooooleerrrrs. Of course, I turned it back on, but I had to gather myself first.
The last Time Warp was posted on June 3rd. Can you believe it has been that long!? It’s only right to kick it back off with this banger right here...

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