Tuesday, February 16, 2016

{Watch} FADER presents Mac Miller documentary... "Stopped Making Excuses"

"There's moments when it gets dark".  
Through a candid lens, Mac Miller is captured in a most personal way.  Not holding back, Mac goes into how being alone constantly affected his being, how he came into drugs heavy and didn't want to be sober, what it feels like to return home after fame, and conclusively... his testimony of overcoming it all.  Although only 12 mins and MJ seconds, Director Rob Semmer captured all of the necessities of realness exuded throughout.  It's really good.  Watch below::

Side- Commentary ::
 If you all knew how many times I 'backspaced' on the draft of this post to keep from getting personal. You all know I can be excessive sometimes with my privacy (not really though, if you REALLY pay attention). Maybe one day I'll open up...
 Until then, since I found that this doc had quite a few quotables, I dropped my favorite ones here::

"This is fucked up."

"I'm probably going to cry a few times through the course of this thing"

"This is a fucking quote!"

"you not listening to me... this not even the one you think it is... it's the one... that is" (Montana)

"Oh fuck, am I only here cause I'm white? is that the only reason?"

"dangerous... sitting there by myself all the time. it becomes... toxic".

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