Sunday, February 28, 2016

Listen :: Years Later, Lil Wayne releases the Mastered version of "Trouble"

When 'Trouble' first started floating about 8 or 9 years ago, I remember vividly leaving work heading back to campus in my Toyota Corolla with this blaring from the subs.  I won't even touch on the amount of times it was played in my apt/dorm.  I would have the regular AND the chopped x screwed version playing back to back on repeat for an extended period of time.

Fast forward to today... the mastered version has finally surfaced.  Aside from the clarity, I noticed immediately they removed the 'war ensuing' in the background at the beginning of the song like they had on the 'mixtape' version.. along with other minor changes here and there.  You know the music is GOOD when years later... it still gives you the exact same feeling it gave you before.  I've already had it on repeat between the original and this one back and forth for the past ten minutes and counting.  Vibe out ...

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