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Artists Over-saturating :: I appreciate all the music but...

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I’m all for the abundance of new music.  As we all feel this way, new music brings excitement.
However… abundance on overload from the same artist can cause an opposite effect.  Don’t get me wrong.. it’s not going to stop us from giving it a listen.. but the reaction of exhaustion “damn he/she dropping another one?” “I didn’t even finish listening to this one” may cause us to miss out potentially.  Not giving one enough rotation because we’re deterred to listen to the newest.

I’ll use Future as an example to what I mean.  Last year, Beast mode dropped.  About two months later, 56 nights was released.  I noticed the chatter of Beast mode shortly went out the window.. which could have been from content but that's neither here nor there.  From that point, it was enough time separated from the DS2 release, where you could enjoy them both simultaneously.  You already had your favorites picked from 56 nights and was now making new favorites with DS2.  And let's just be honest... those two projects took over EVERY pool party, day party, night party, whatever party.. in D.C. last summer.

  This year, Purple Reign came out and before you could really take it all in and fully enjoy.. here was EVOL; a little over a two week span.  At this point, you chilled on constant Purple Reign rotation and took a listen to the new joint and twatched the unnecessary comparison conversations on Twitter.  Honestly, it wasn’t enough time focused on one to compare it to another.

 Thugga (Young Thug) my dog.. but he did this with the two Slime Seasons.  Two lengthy projects released a month apart on top of already current random loosies etc.  
Like waitttt gimme some time.

I appreciate things like Good Music Friday's, Fab's Freestyle Friday's etc.  Like a show, it's something to look forward to during each week.  Not too much.. not too little.  Currensy has this mastered.  He can do things like release two 5 song projects .. along with two full mixtapes.. and two full albums..all in one year and it doesn’t feel overwhelming.  The releases are spread out concisely where you have time to enjoy or realize that you don’t really like it etc.
Could you imagine if Kanye released his 8th album now (that he tweeted about) instead of this summer like he mentioned? You're just getting into TLOP good...

I get that, unfortunately, in today's world people shift focus from things rather quickly… so artists may feel the need to continually push music out because the pressure is on.  Over saturating your product may seem like it shows you’re grinding etc.. but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. Think of how many colorways of Jordan's come out now… the reaction to the releases are nowhere near the same. In essence, quality songs can easily be missed because folks are deterred trying to hear the latest.. and if you’re still releasing.. sometimes they never make it back to revisit the project they stopped listening to to keep up with the new tunes.  We appreciate it all.
On the same note, give us time to enjoy it all though.

In the mean time… I’m listening to Migos station as I'm typing this and the last 10 songs played were by Future or had Future in it. Catch my drift? I could be missing out on some good Migos tunes.. but can’t eem listen cause even Pandora is trying to keep up with the latest and hottest. Who station is it really?  I'm being facetious lol, but I seriously just had that thought when I noticed lol.

  I want to be able to enjoy my music… play it relentlessly (or toss it out) and look forward to when something new is coming out. Not rushed to make a quick determination if I like it or not because a new thing is coming out.

Some will get this because they take in music how I do. It’s more than the sound.. it’s more than the lyrics. But.... pay me no mind.. just sharing my thoughts.

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