Sunday, February 28, 2016

{Personal Post} Somber Days // Home x Raury

One of my homeboy’s was murdered Tuesday.  You know how people say about your days ‘it can be worse’.. I never do.  I KNOW they can be worse (especially on my end) because they usually.. often do.. get worse.  I was feeling pretty good about something that day and it felt good to feel good... and then the slight ray of sunshine disappeared.  I got the horrible news.  I didn’t want to believe it. Unfortunately… what I’ve learned is.. not believing something won’t change it from being what it is.

From the voice of an Aching Heart.  

The crew met for happy hour two days later.  In an unsaid way, we needed to take a break from our lives and be around each other.  It was super sad.. and I did my best to try and deter the conversation. It worked.  Not in any disrespect.. but as we said he would say (since he made a joke out of everything)… “man ya’ll niggas in here all sad and shit that I’m dead.. man let’s party before I get to Heaven!”

The news of his death.. and HOW he was murdered.. and HOW folks reacted after.. put many many things in perspective for me… that I want to share.. but my OC privacy and guarding won’t allow me to do so.  I always say and attest.. the people that you all THINK are so happy and joking all the time…. You have not a clue what demons they battle behind closed doors. (As a famous example… Robin Williams). Usually signs are exhibited.. but no one pays attention, cares enough to reach out, or dismisses them as something small.  He and I side conversations had me knowing a side that most didn’t.  He was loved by many. Unfortunately.. in many of these cases… "people never get the flowers while they can still smell them". This is one of them. He is going to be MISSED. Hunsi… you were one of a kind. Save a spot for me and the crew up there. This post is for you.

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